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The most procious moments of your life are the ones,
your life depends on

It is a common belief, that we are aware of the risks involved in a household fire but it is an unfortunate illusion that we are prepared to face a fire. However, the fact is that, only in the USA, fire incidents result with the loss of 6000 citizens and roughly 28.000 injuries every year. The simple cause of those tragic losses is that we think we know what fire is and that we can fight with it in ease. Make no mistake about it, to be caught in fire is not something you can understand by imagination. All that you think you know, you loose them when surrounded with the flames and you feel the heat burning your skin. Than instantly, starts panic: The factor hat will cost you your life and your loved ones’. You now live the minutes that will make all the difference in your life. That is the couple of minutes your life depends on. Will you be able to survive it? We are here to see to it that your chance of survival is not limited to what you do in those couple of minutes. We are here to give you the one thing that is the most precious in case of a fire TIME - Read More