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Why Air-O?
  • Air-O does not entertain any risk for the personnel's health.
  • Air-O does not pollute the environment.
  • Air-O extends the life of the "anti skid" layer up to ten times
  • Air-O cleans the runway lines but it does not erase them.
  • Air-O does not damage the grouting.
  • Air-O does not damage the runway wiring.
  • Air-O damages the kennels by the side of the runway
  • Air-O does not need special care in storage
  • Air-O is not corrosive to metal or concrete
  • Air-O has a shelf life of 5 years
  • Air-O is not subject to environmental regulations of disposal
  • Air-O is easy to apply, does not require high cost equipment
  • Air-O enables the airport operator reach a higher safety standard as the
               cleaning intervals can be much shorter