The Report Of A Runway Cleaning Test In Istanbul Internatưonal Airport
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Below, is the report presented to the management of Istanbul International Ataturk Airport:

Test reference AHL/2006/03-2
Runways Cleaning Test
Istanbul International Ataturk Airport,
The date and time of test 01,April,2006 _ 00:30 - 02:00
The runway the test was conducted 06:24
Open-air temperature +9oC
Relative humidity %75
Pressure 1032

Air-O technical team have visited 06 24 runway to carry out rubber removal tests. The runway has been examined by our experts and consequently the area seen on Picture 14 has been determined as the area with thickest layer of rubber with 12-13mm.

A test area of 80 m2 (4m * 20m) has been marked and photographed. See pictures below.

Step 1 Determination of the test area :00:30

Between Step 1 and 2, depending on the thickness of the rubber, our experts have waited for 35 minutes so that the solvent solution can penetrate the layer of rubber thoroughly. During this test, brushing was not needed so not applied. However, in order to accelerate the time of penetration of Air-O 01 into the rubber, we recommend a brushing car to go into the sprayed area at 10th minute. This way, the 40 minutes required for the chemical to penetrate the deeper layers of rubber, may be taken down to 15-20 minutes depending on the thickness of the rubber residue.

Step 2 The application of the solvent solution: 00:45

Step 3 The application of neutralization solution 01:20

Result (Detail 1)

Result (Detail 2)

Result (Detail 3)

Result (Detail 4)

Result (Detail 5)

At the time of the same test, our company has had the opportunity to compare a runway cleaning operation performed by compressed water jet vehicle with the one performed by Air-O Runway Cleaning Solution. The photos taken during this comparison will also enable you to realize how much more effective the Air-O Runway Cleaning Solution is.

The tire track cleaning operation by compressed water jet

The Result Obtained by Water Jet Application The Result Obtained by Air-O Application

As you can see on the detailed photos, it has been observed that the rubber layer on the runway surface has been cleaned completely. We declare and confirm that none of the chemical materials used in the cleaning process contain carcinogen or toxic materials that could cause environmental pollution.