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Innotra, will contribute to a sound environment and a livable society through technology that harmonizes with nature and production that is environmentally friendly.


Innotra is committed to promoting social contribution activities that provide values to our stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders, local communities, to assume social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen


Innotra envisions a world where our natural environment is preserved.


Innotra will make harmony with the environment one of its primary goals so that each individual within the company will act with this in mind. Respect and preservation of the environment is our priority.


To encourage the development of environmental technology at all levels: production, sales, distribution, use and disposal of a product. To introduce materials, engineering and recycling methods that will minimize adverse effects on the environment.

To respect and adhere the national and regional environmental regulations.

To maintain and strengthen an independent environmental management and implement improvement measures based on internal audits.